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Tecla Products: Mechanical and Electrical Founded- 1897


1893 was the year of the World’s Colombian Exposition- A Celebration of the 400th year of Columbus’ discovery of America. A heck of a party it must have been! In Chicago’s Jackson Park, a complete city of gleaming white buildings, with canals like Venice, was built in about one year’s time. The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry is the only building left from this remarkable celebration of the World’s and America’s spirit of industry and ingenuity.

Every major nation, every state in the union proudly exhibited their art and culture:1,024 fine paintings; 160 sculptures; electric lights; the phonograph; the wireless; and, wonders of wonders, the electric boat was there! A young inventor by the name of Thomas E. Clark ran the electric boat concession for Cornelius Vanderbilt. Four years later in 1897, Thomas E. Clark would start Clark Wireless Company. This company would later become TECLA Company, Inc.


Founded in 1897, Tecla Company, Inc. is a fourth generation manufacturer of top quality consumer and industrial products. Our marine division began in 1975 by supplying Sea Ray with custom-engineered seat assemblies.

We take a product from design to prototype and then manufacture to the highest standards. Seat slide track assemblies, seat pedestal assemblies, swim platform brackets, aluminum brackets, plastic molded parts and hull nameplates are samples of the diversified products we supply the marine industry.

If you don’t see the product you want, let us design it for you. We custom engineer using the black box concept: design from a clean sheet of paper to solve the needs of marine OEMs. Detailed drawings are done. Correct materials for the marine environment are selected. We create an assembly that is both functional and easily manufactured. We design with a state of the art CAD-CAM software. The CAD drawing data is loaded to a computer disk and the computer disk is translated so a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine can machine it directly from the computer data.

Prototyping is a very important step in the design to manufacturing process. Our prototypes emphasize design for ability to manufacture. Prototypes show the fit and function of our assembly on a hull or seat assembly. Interference and appearance problems can be seen and corrected. We have a complete machine shop to build prototypes and our own tooling.


We test seat slides and swivel mechanisms to comply with the latest American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) standards. Where applicable, we go beyond the ABYC standards and cycle test assemblies. Only marine grade materials and finishes are selected.

Tecla can manufacture your assembly or part in our plant. We do stamping, die punching, drilling, plastic molding, hot stamping plastic, saw cutting, hydraulic bending and tube bending. We design and build our own tooling, a definite advantage in creating a custom engineered assembly.

Tecla maintains the highest standards of quality and production control to get the job done right and on time. We manufacture low cost assemblies that are compatible with the marine environment.

Assemblies are fabricated aluminum extrusions, plastic injection molded parts, chrome plated hull name plates and hot stamped name plates. We do stampings in aluminum and stainless steel. We make hardware for acrylic doors and hatch covers.


How can we manufacture custom made low cost assemblies even in low volumes? We build the assemblies from a family of common extrusions and components. We make the assemblies in an economical lot size. Then we ship part of the lot in releases that meet your delivery schedule.