Tecla History

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Tecla Company was founded in 1897. It’s founder and namesake, Thomas E. Clark (T.E. Clark), was a well known inventor of the era. Involved mainly with wireless telephone, Mr. Clark established himself as one of the forefathers in ship-to-shore wireless communication. Mr. Clark’s firm commitment to quality and performance would lead Tecla into the twentieth century…

Extending through the turn of the century and into the early twenties, Tecla’s wireless and radio sets were the company’s mainstay. Tom Clark developed and built the transmitter for WWJ Radio One, the first truly commercial radio station in the United States. The stock market crash and the depression that followed nearly ended the company’s solvency, as it did so many others. But the strong purpose and resolve of Tom Clark and his eldest son, James E. Clark, reestablished Tecla as a manufacurer of quality mechanical and electrical equipment.

Closely following the depression, Tecla became a tool design shop doing experimental work. It was from this establishment, in the late thirties, that James E. Clark and Charles Laing developed the dog nail trimmer. Under the brand name “RESCO” (Research Engineering and Sales Company), sales of the trimmer began. World War II interrupted the growing line of Resco Pet Products and Tecla became fully involved in the war effort.

Later, with the war over, Tecla began in earnest to develop a full line of quality pet products. Tecla’s downtown Detroit location was moved to northwest Detroit. Norval F. Clark, the youngest son of founder Thomas E. Clark, joined the firm at the same time. Through continued quality and craftsmanship, Resco Pet Products carved a niche in the professional groomers and handlers market and sales continued upward.

As the fifties, sixties and seventies continued showing sales gains, Resco quality became the featured selling point and sell they did as Resco Pet Products consumed the whole of Tecla’s manufacturing capabilities. Norval Clark’s three sons, Richard, Robert and Jeffrey were hired by the corporation to assist with the growing pet line. The four Clarks, together, continued the family tradition of quality merchandise and dependable service. Our marine division got it’s start in 1972 with the design and manufacture of the Sea Ray Boats seat track.

The eighties ushered in the computer age at Tecla as Dick and Robb oversaw the installation of the manufacturing software and hardware system. That system vastly improved shipping and inventory capabilities. In 1982 Tecla moved its plant from the Detroit location to a northwestern suburb, Walled Lake (about 30 miles from downtown Detroit). The late eighties saw the computer system expanded to include a CAD system for design work. Jeff Clark handles our computers and design functions on the CAD system, Dick heads engineering, design and sales, Robb heads administration and shipping and Norval, CEO makes sure we do our jobs!

The nineties welcomed the fourth generation of Clarks as Christopher, Kelly and Amy (the twins) and Randy began working for the corporation. The late nineties challenged Tecla. A new plastics division and expanding business created the need for a new facility. Tecla built it’s new spacious home at 1250 Ladd Road in Walled Lake, Michigan- about five miles west of the old building. The big move left us pinching pennies and kept some of us many a late night at the office. Sacrifices were made- with smiles, sweat and tears- And just into the twenty-first century, the Clark family (Patrick Clark now has joined the fold) and Tecla’s employees continue to look forward to serving the marine and pet industry. Our commitment to family, our employees, our customers and to quality products remains the foundation upon which we continue to build. We wish to thank all of our customers for being part of our history.