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SUPERSEAT 2.0 is a modular seat system:  Choose all or just one feature.

FULLY RECLINED SEAT BACK OPTION:  Just like automotive with a fine-adjustment locking feature.  It folds down to lay flat to form a sun pad.  It folds up to cover the seat bottom.  This great feature keeps the seat cool and dry.

SUPERSEAT 2.0 FORE AND AFT SEAT ADJUSTMENT FEATURE:  Choose either an electric drive or a low profile seat track with maual adjustment.

SUPERSEAT 2.O ARM REST OPTION:  With a fine adjustment locking feature that locks the arm rest in multiple postitions.  This adds additional comfort especially when the seat back is reclined.  And you can pull the arm rest up and out of the way to make it easier to get in and out of the seat.  MF3766-A

SUPERSEAT 2.0 BOLSTER SEAT OPTION:  Tilt the front of the seat up and away to allow the driver to stand for increased visibility at the helm and it offers an elevated seating postion.  MF3766-B


MF3766 Full Unit



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Super Seat 360° swivel mechanism option has fine locking adjustment that allows the seat to adjust to just about any position.  It locks in both directions and can be easily moved in either direction by unlocking it with a latch lever.  This makes it possible to place the seats so that customers can converse easily and the seat can be converted to a lounger if the seat is rotated 180° to a sun pad.  This swivel is a solution for unusual cockpit angles or the seat can face backward to a dining area.

Super Seat Foot rest option offers a fold up foot rest.  Super Seat can be mounted on a seat box or pedestal.  The locking mechanisms for the Super Seat are our multi tooth locking system.  They are made with stainless steel gears and pawls.  This system is so unique it's patent pending.  Our swivel mechanism with fine tooth adjustment has a unique gear and multi tooth pawl that locks the seat in both directions.

Ratchet Mechanism With Bearing