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Project Ignite!STEAM and STEM Educators

Project Ignite! STEAM is about engaging your student to explore, learn, and most of all have fun!

3D Printers provide great value for STEAM / STEM education, and now we have made a 3D CNC Router with educators in mind. Tecla Innovation made it so you can use the same CAD software interchangeably between the two devices. This allows you to make more parts faster, larger and for less. To top it off you can use your 3D Printer to create parts for our 3D CNC Router, now that’s affordable.


Allow your students to get expressive and explore their ingenuity. Since the 3D CNC Router complements 3D printers it allows your students to experiment and get down to the root of their creative vision. Bigger projects, faster iterations, and lower cost per project.


The world of engineering depends on rapid prototyping and learning takes repetition. Autodesk with Ignite! STEAM provides your class with free software, so your students can prototype, troubleshoot, and repeat. All while receiving real life valuable skills.


An unconventional curriculum for a hands-on course; what could be more fun? Your students learn through experimentation, while you have the option to leverage a pre-defined set of best practices curriculum, or use it to enhance your curriculum. Students love this experience.


Your students are not the only ones to benefit from Ignite! STEAM. Our 3D CNC router will reduce your cost per student per term due to lower cost material than 3D printers. In fact, you can use your 3D printer to create replacement parts for our CNC router.


Our 125 years of engineering experience has taught us a lot. From our early implementation of AM radio and ship to shore radio systems to CAD and rapid prototyping. The 125 years of experience has also taught us to pass the torch down. For the last 40 years we have supported students through robotics education. We’ve successfully led over 400 students to pursue further education in STEM related fields. Now we want to help you educate the future STEAM workforce and we will support you throughout the entire process.

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