Gas Spring Brackets

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Our new hatch bracket puts the gas spring on a folding link bracket.  Use it in your application for hatched and covers-- gas springs hold the hatch in place in the up position and they hold it down in the down position.

You can lift and lower the hatch easily because the has springs apply a uniform pressure from both brackets.  The gas springs lift the load and uniform pressure from both sides keep the hatch from cocking.

The has spring pressure and length can be varied from 10-100 Lbs.  The opening angle can be adjusted.  The length of the brackets can be adjusted; for one application we increased the length of the bracket that mounted to the hatch so that it acted as a stiffener for the hatch.

They can be powder coated black, silver, or we'll match your color choice.

Having the gas spring on the bracket makes it easier to mount in engine compartments where space is at a premium.  The bracket can be mounted on side walls or it can be mounted on stringers.