Electronic Door Track

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Imagine opening a companionway door with the touch of a keyless entry or a console mounted switch. It’s not a dream it’s Tecla Marine’s electric door system. It’s designed for high speed boats and uses our patented door track system. Yes it would work on slower cruisers too. Its cable drive is quiet. We use high-strength stainless steel air craft cable that fits into our aluminum extruded track that the door slides back and forth in. This means the cable is hidden in the track. The door track system is designed for a smooth low friction movement. The electrical controls allow the door to stop when it reaches the end of travel without limit switches.HOW THE DRIVE WORKSWe wind the cable on a spool that is driven by a right angle gear motor. Both ends of the cable are attached to the door. The cable pulls the door open or closed. As the spool winds the cable to open the door--the cable on the opposite end unwinds from the spool. The cable is tensioned by a spring that loads the sheath that covers the cable. The cable is completely enclosed. At startup the tension spring cushions the inertia of the door so the door moves smoothly without jerking.SAFETY FEATURES The door is held in position by the cable so it stays in place even when partially open. This is a big advantage over door systems in the market today that can be a safety hazard in high seas. They must be closed or held in place with stops to keep them from moving. There is a cable release that allows the door to slide freely if there’s an electrical failure. A cable release mounted on the inside of the door will let some one below deck open the door. SECURITY ISSUES The keyless entry uses a rolling code system that allows for maximum security. A unique random code is generated each time the keyless transmitter is depressed. A key lock can be incorporated into the door or an inside security lock can be used. The keyless system can trigger an alarm system.