Companion Way

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Tecla Marine's electric door system has it all with a companionway door that is electric powered with a screen door and keyless entry system.  The keyless entry system can have a console mounted switch to operate the door.  The screen door is thin--3/8" acrylic.  The screen openings are full radius corners large enough to let lots of air in.

The door system fits a compact area 1 5/16" wide with a 1/2" thick companionway door and generous gaps between both doors and hull surfaces.

It's designed for high speed boats and uses our patented door track system.  Yes it would work on slower cruisers too.

Its cable drive is quiet.  We use high-strength stainless steel air craft cable that fits into our aluminum extruded track that the door slides back and froth in.  This means the cable is hidden in the track.  The door track system is designed for a smooth low friction movement.  The electrical controls allow the door to stop when it reaches the end of travel without limit switches.

Door slides easily even if the door or track is twisted.  Glides work like a cylinder within a cylinder so that the glides center themselves in the track and can rotate around the track to compensate for misalignment.  The glides take side loads that are common with companionway door that are formed at 90°.

Our patented door track holds the door securely with the cable drive concealed in it.  The track encloses the glides to minimize the problems with dirt being kicked into them.  The glides also tend the shed dirt.

The extrusions from a labyrinth seal that seals the top and bottom of the door from ran and dirt.

The Slide Extrusion is two pieces and sandwiches the acrylic or fiberglass.  The acrylic is slotted so the door can be adjusted to the boat surface.  This provides a tight grip to lock down on the acrylic and it also stiffens the top and bottom of the door.

The slide and rail can be mounted horizontally and vertically.  There are recessed slots in the slide for easy mounted of the door system.