Arm Rest Bracket

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The kind of detail boat owners love--an automotive style arm rest bracket that allows the armrest to be stowed hidden in the backrest cushion.  Then you can pull it out for use as an arm rest and cup holder.

Similar to automotive style arm rest brackets except that it's made with marine grade materials and finishes.  The brackets are aluminum and powder coat painted with stainless steel rivets.  The system consists of a simple 4-bar linkage that locks up in the folded out position for arm support.  The unique linkage lets you easily rotate the armrest to the stowed position.

There are a number of mounting variations.  One is two angle brackets (MF2836).  One is an angle bracket and a straight link (MF2836A).  Brackets allow your armrest to withstand a 125 lb. load to comply with the American Boat & Yacht Council's (ABYC) H-31 Seat Structures Standard.  Call for prints or pictures.